Rank It Up Marketing Testimonials

At Rank It Up Marketing, we specialize in all of the industry-leading services required to effectively market your business. For more than 25 years, Rank It Up Marketing has mastered the many required skills to become one of the most successful digital marketing agencies in all of Arizona. Our full-service internet marketing services are designed to take your business to new heights of success in lead generation, customer base, conversions, as well as monthly and yearly revenue.

I wanted to send out a huge Thanks to Rank It Up. Kimberly, Brent, and TEAM have been providing excellent quality work and their professionalism is above the chart. Rank It Up has helped double our lead generation while integrating all leads to our CRM system, saving duplicate entries from our end. Kimberly and TEAM have provided us with a marketing plan that exceeds my expectations and we are doing everything we can to stay up to speed with our leads. Thanks again for your vision and were so pleased to be a part of Rank It Up!!!!

Terry S.

Rank It Up Marketing has been our marketing company for over a year.  I was impressed with their 27 years of experience in internet marketing.  They are responsive and do a fantastic job.  We get consistent leads and our company is growing rapidly.   I would highly recommend Kimberly and her team.   If I had to give them a rank, without question it would be 5 stars.

Jeff H.

Desert INet Internet Owner

I have had the pleasure of working with Kimberly and her team since the beginning of 2012. Our initial decision to engage with them was based on their experience and knowledge of our industry and their reputation. However, as time goes on, we have found this relationship to be invaluable. Her company has truly become a partner with us and we rely on them to assist us with strategies and decisions for our corporate initiatives as well as our entire distributor network. They have created websites for our team that keep them highly ranked and offer marketing programs that continue to drive traffic to our sites. With the constant evolution of SEO and ongoing social media changes, having them on our team as advisors has been extremely helpful to me and our entire team. We have been very pleased with the results they have brought to the table and we will value this relationship tremendously. I highly recommend Kimberly Judd-Pennie to everyone, except our competition!

Michelle B.


Kim is an outstanding leader and business owner. There is a reason her business has an Ethics Award from the Better Business Bureau, ethics being defined as: Moral principles that govern a person’s or group’s behavior. The most important thing anyone should know about Kim professionally, and I’ve seen this first hand working very late for clients side by side with Kim: SHE REALLY cares about the success of her clients. She’s really amazing at what she does, and at recognizing other exceptional professionals. All of this equating to an outstanding person, business owner and company providing marketing that works in an industry that is renowned for empty promises veiled in jargon. Kim and her team are true gems in Phoenix. I recommend her to everyone that wants to be successful in business.

Kenneth C.

Full Stack Web Developer

Rank It Up Rocks! Thank you to Kimberly an her team for working round the clock and quickly to provide my start up companies with a website which will help my businesses grow. Can’t wait to launch into the lead generation and search ranking once my content is complete. My experience with Kimberly and her team from building websites for clients in the past was over the top incredible results that lead to huge profits for the companies I represented. Now it’s my turn to take advantage of Rank It Up Marketing / Kimberly and team to relate their work into huge profits for me and my companies!! Oh and I must mention, Kimberly is so much fun to work with! Prepare to laugh while growing your company!

Patricia L.

Kimberly, Brent and all the Rank It up Team has gone above and beyond our expectations. They have taken our business as if it was their own and really provided great results from all their efforts. They are very responsive and go the extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction. Really Enjoy working with them!

Wilfredo D

Its hard not to like Kim. She is personable and fun. As a business partner she is beyond compare. Always straight forward, honest and right on point regarding what we need and how to get it done. I wish more businesses were run this well.

Mike D.