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At Rank It Up Marketing, we have branded companies since 1994. Our Phoenix graphic design team will analyze your brand through a detailed questioning period with each of our clients to understand what their brand stands for as well as its focuses. 

Custom logo design and branding is the process in which a business makes itself known to the public and differentiates itself from competitors. Branding includes a logo, phrase, design, or idea, that makes it easily identifiable to the public or more specifically your target demographic.

We explore and discover where your brand sees itself in the coming years, who your demographic is, and the market that your business wants to forge itself into. Delivering a strong brand image makes a large impact on your audience, planting marketing seeds in the minds of your existing and potential customers.

The Storytelling Strategy

Your logo is one of your most powerful tools for conveying your brand’s spirit or personality. Top brands in the digital marketplace have iconic designs that are embedded in our minds and form an instant connection with their customers. These connections are made through emotion, attitude, and impactful moments.

The ultimate goal of your logo is to earn that space. To earn that space in your customer’s minds, you must have a logo that tells a captivating story about your brand that will continue to be told for many years to come. The logo design process starts by researching the pulse of the target audience.

Unlike giant corporations, most small businesses lack years of brand awareness or a substantial marketing budget to assist customers to comprehend what they do. As a result, your logo must effectively explain who you are as a company.

Logo Creation

At Rank It Up Marketing, we believe that creating and designing logos is a crystalizing moment for brands. Our approach towards the task is transparent. With a focus on objectives, our process is grounded in research and design.

Our design objectives include:

  • Logo Variations with Revisions
  • Business Card and Stationery Design
  • Merchandise and Marketing Material Design
  • Social Media Branding and more

These materials give you the momentum you need to spread your presence throughout the digital marketplace. Even the most simplistic designs become a repetitious part of the most successful brands marketing strategies and will even be marketed through word-of-mouth.

Your logo design acts as an exclamation to your customers, it acts as a symbol of success and commitment to your audience. It’s not always about what it looks like, but rather how it attracts customers. Rank It Up Marketing’s expert Phoenix logo design teams will sit down with you and discover your vision. We get to know your industry with you as well as the logo trends that come with it and bring your visuals into reality. We utilize our expertise to make your brand easily identifiable.

Your logo design facilitates loyalty. A recognizable consistent logo goes a long way towards building this trust. Most consumers look for your brand image to help them get to know you as well as find you in the sea of similar companies. So with this in mind, it is that much more important to choose a design that will resonate and will last for many years, as customers tend not to enjoy relearning a brand they already grew faithful to.

GEt Started Today

Rank It Up Marketing aims to be your custom logo design team. From branding and brochure design to newsletters and stationery, Rank It Up’s full-service logo designers have the skills and knowledge necessary to accomplish any and all designs that you may have in mind. 

Contact us today to receive a proposal! We look forward to hearing from you.

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